I have a background in participatory design and community engagement, and have focused on this work through both digital journalism and community education and organizing. Through these varied experiences, I have used a collaborative design process to build products that help people connect and communicate with each other more efficiently.

I want people to engage with their communities and take action with each other. I am a technologist, but always centered on human needs and realities. Through my design work, I create the tools people need to connect and make an impact.

My passion for participatory democracy translates into how I work and what I'm working for. I believe that people should be allowed to make the decisions that will directly affect them. I grew up in a cross-cultural household- this foundational experience helped shape me as a designer who is empathetic to people's differences and what makes them special.

I love working with people to create systems that inform and empower us all as citizens. I believe that design can be the tool to help us solve social problems together.